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Frozen meat cutters

Get optimal cutting at maximum efficiency.
GFS620 web preview

The LASKA frozen meat cutters’ engineering maximises performance to guarantee optimum mincing for efficient further processing. Their solid design eliminates maintenance while keeping operation nice and quiet.

High-precision tool. Cleanest cuts.
LASKA frozen meat cutters
G530 web preview
G 530
Block cross-section
520 x 300 mm
Processing temperature
> -25 °C
Max. throughput
5000 kg/h
G740 web preview
G 740
Block cross-section
700 x 400 mm
Processing temperature
> -25 °C
Max. throughput
12000 kg/h
GS510 web preview
GS 510
Block cross-section
500 x 300 mm
Processing temperature
> -15°C
Max. throughput
4000 kg/h
GFS620 web preview
GFS 620
Block cross-section
600 x 380 mm
Processing temperature
> -20°C
Max. throughput
10000 kg/h
Frozen meat slicer videos
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Fish and seafood
Meat and cooked meat products
Convenience products
Confectionery and Pastry
Fruit and vegetable products
Plant-based products and alternative proteins
Pet food
Frozen meat slicer highlights
Robust cutting teeth
50 Perfektioniertes Maschinenkonzept
Adjustable rake
18 Langlebiger Riemenantrieb
Durable belt drive
User-friendly operation
28 Reinigungslucke
Maximum hygiene
Hygienic design

At LASKA, we untiringly pursue improvement and are always thinking ahead. All products prove it: built for tomorrow, today. This is precisely why our customers all over the world are a cut above the competition. And that's a promise.

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