The unique LASKA garden behind the company building, which is very popular with employees and is used a lot during breaks, was redesigned in the first half of the year and can now be used again without restrictions. The visual highlight of the garden are the two sculptures by Benjamin Hirte:

The Eavesdroppers, 2023
each 346cm x 286cm x 64cm
Jura marble

Benjamin Hirte has conceived two complementing Juramarmor sculptures - a stone common in the area and along the Danube - for the compound of Maschinenfabrik Laska in Linz, Austria.

They are freely accessible and can be sat on. Although the pieces negotiate the architecture of stairs, their form derives from the plinth of a public sculpture in Vienna's 3rd district.

The original sculpture features a workers' couple moved by the sound of music. These figures are omitted in Hirte's work. One sculpture is a faithful reconstruction of the original plinth while its counterpart presents a partly dismantled version of it.

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