LASKA. We stand for food processing machines of the highest quality. We stand upon more than 140 years of experience. We stand with a highly motivated workforce, management that reaches back five family generations and two properties that infuse the company in its every detail: uncompromising pursuit of quality and the untiring will to optimise and innovate. Which is why customers in 140 countries can rely on LASKA to keep on developing and building machines that process food with ever-greater precision, hygiene and efficiency.

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Key competence

LASKA builds machines for the food industry all the way up to automated solutions, simultaneously improving quality, increasing output and reducing costs. Here, too, LASKA delivers pioneering performance. One-of-a-kind engineering expertise, top production quality and digital know-how combine to ensure that LASKA’s automated production lines stay a cut above the competition. Today, tomorrow and the day after.


LASKA is all about people. Naturally, our personnel’s well-being is the top priority. Challenging projects, real team spirit and motivating work atmosphere make LASKA a top-rate employer – and explain our success. Because only happy personnel produce satisfied customers, and guarantee quality right down to every detail.

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