Wherever there are celebrations, this is also reflected in the food that is served. The festive season is also a culinary celebration around the world. Discover these delicious traditions from all over the world.

2211 Laska Weihnachtsgruesse Weltkarte

Sausages in Germany

In Germany, the roast goose is only served on 25 December. On gift-giving day, many like to keep it simple and serve sausages and potato salad. This is something all children should like.

Panettone in Italy

In Italy, Panettone is served after the main meal. It is a sweet, soft bread which contains candied fruit. According to legend, this Christmas cake was invented by a young apprentice in the kitchen of a Milanese duke.

Fast food in Japan

It is a tradition to eat fried chicken pieces at Christmas in Japan. Particularly those that can be bought at “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. It all began in 1974 with a campaign by the fast-food chain, which ensured that the Japanese regarded fried chicken as a typical Christmas food ever since.

Plum pudding in England

Christmas pudding in England is as much a part of Christmas as presents, which are only placed under the Christmas tree on 25 December. Traditionally, the cake is made on the last weekend before the first of Advent, known as Stir-up Sunday. Before serving it, a silver coin is hidden in the dough. Whoever finds it can expect prosperity, health and happiness in the coming year.

Carp in Poland and Czechia

Deep-fried carp is served on many Christmas plates in Eastern European countries. Potato salad is served as a side dish. An old tradition is to keep one of the scales of the carp. It is supposed to bring luck in the new year.

Turkey in the USA

In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Traditionally the entire family gathers to enjoy a roast turkey with mash potato, gravy, and vegetables.

Glögg in the North

Scandinavian Glühwein, also known as Gløgg (in Norway and Denmark) or Glögi (in Finland), is a specialty at Christmas time. This winter beverage can be enjoyed with or without alcohol.

New Year's dinner in China

This year, the Chinese New Year is celebrated on 10 February 2024. On this important holiday, fish is served for success, spring rolls for wealth, noodles for long life, and fruit for prosperity.

Fodder for the reindeer in Australia

In Australia, Santa Claus brings gifts during the night before 25 December. Children, therefore, place carrots for the reindeer and milk and cookies for Santa in front of the fireplace. The family treats itself to roast turkey or baked ham for Christmas dinner.

Christmas ham in Finland

In Finland, the traditional Christmas ham, the Joulukinkku, is a must for the festive meal. The roast, which weighs about 10 kilograms, is served cold. If there is leftover ham after Christmas, it is cubed and added to a Finnish pea soup.

Seven courses in France

French cuisine reaches its pinnacle at Christmas. Multiple courses and up to 13 desserts, from Ente à l’Orange to Bûche de Noël (yule log) - Christmas in France is pure enjoyment.