ME 3000-H: The revolutionary drive concept.

Laska me 3000 h new

The presentation of the new products at IFFA 2022 included a demonstration of the ME 3000-H, an innovative mixer, to the specialist audience. This machine garnered a lot of attention from the visitors to the trade fair, especially for its innovative mixing concept paired with a high output. But the ME 3000-H has even more to offer.

Innovative mixing principle. Maximum efficiency.

The interlocking mixing shafts of the ME 3000-H are driven by two synchronised, separately adjustable motors.

Yet another advantage of the new drive concept is the 90% reduction in vibrations, which significantly reduces both noise and maintenance requirements. Using the latest flow simulations and analytical methods, it was determined that the mixture is optimally mixed and is also processed extremely gently. Furthermore, output is significantly increased, and thanks to the two large discharge flaps and the adjusted discharge geometry, the mixture can be emptied 50% faster.

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ME3000 Montage Overview
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Hygienic. Efficient. Innovative.

The ME 3000-H guarantees the highest level of quality for your products, mainly due to LASKA’s new Hygienic Design concept. Surfaces designed to be hygienically perfect, ground weld seams and accurately sealed joints are just some of the aspects that reduce contamination of the mixture by a factor of five. This has been verified in an extensive testing procedure by the Fraunhofer Institute. For the mixing tank, care was also taken to ensure a simple and smooth tank geometry without dead spaces, actively contributing to reducing the cleaning effort by up to 35%.

Less effort thanks to intuitive operation.

The completely revised user interface was optimised for intuitive operating behaviour. The modern, swivelling touchscreen enables easy operation of the machine, greatly reducing training requirements. For the revised machine design of the ME 3000-H, emphasis was sharply focused on hygiene, sealing and ease of maintenance, which significantly reduces maintenance times and ensures shorter cleaning and off times. The global technical support and the guaranteed availability of spare parts for at least 25 years perfectly complete the ME 3000-H concept.