LASKA's new service and sales offensive in Germany.

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Here at LASKA, service is not just a word but an attitude.

We naturally want to offer our customers the best possible solutions with our machines, but we do not think that our job finishes when our machines go into operation. We remain our customers' first point of contact whenever they need support, because our top priority is to help users of our technology to run their equipment smoothly.

Seven service partners for faster response times

We have completely restructured our support network for customers in Germany so that we can do even better justice to our service model. We now have seven local service and sales partners in Germany, including some that we have had long-standing business relationships with, to cover Germany's ten postal code areas. Having this large and highly qualified support network obviously shortens the distances our technicians have to travel, so they can now get on site more rapidly when our customers need their help. This will not affect existing service and maintenance contracts and Laska will remain our customers' point of contact.

An added benefit: service and sales under one roof

There is another benefit. Our new partners will support us with sales from now on, as well as taking on servicing, and this will put them in a good position demonstrate and explain new products to our customers. This will bring LASKA, as a manufacturer, and users of its technology even closer together, and everyone will benefit from this. Markus Klausner, LASkA's Head of Sales, explains: "A closer exchange of ideas with our customers will give us an even better understanding of their needs, and that will ultimately lead to even better products."

To ensure the fastest possible processing of project inquiries or machine inquiries, please contact LASKA directly. In this case, the initial information is compared and a direct offer is prepared by LASKA or transmitted in coordination with your service partner.

Introducing our new partners.
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We would now like to introduce the firms that have trained with us in Austria in recent weeks and months and will be our service and sales partners in Germany with immediate effect (see photo):

Postal code area 0
Herfurt Fleischereimaschinen
Hauptstraße 19
04862 Langenreichenbach

Postal code area 1
Mach Ganz
Baumschulenstraße 75
12437 Berlin

Postal code area 2
Kröger Karl Heinz Fleischereimaschinen
Birkengrund 2a
21423 Winsen / Luhe

Postal code area 3
 Stratenweg 6
32758 Detmold

Postal code areas 4 and 5
Fomtec GbR; servicing and trading meat processing machines
Max Peters Straße 1a
47059 Duisburg

Postal code areas 6, 7, and 8
Hubert Schönherr Schärf- & Maschinentechnik
Sparrenloh 4
73485 Zöbingen

Postal code areas 9
Waidhauser Gruppe

Segelaustraße 29
92342 Burggriesbach

Laska worldwide

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