Our vigilant eye on the challenges that lie ahead and our constant pursuit of improvement allowed us to push ahead with the digitisation of our services and communication last year. The resulting technical developments meant that we were well prepared for the current situation. On 25 November, in what was our second worldwide live event this year, our experts presented all the possibilities and benefits of our production lines to our sales partners, without any cutbacks and in a completely virtual way, using the LASKA Sales App.

More than 150 enthusiastic participants from all corners of the world were guided through the presentation by Markus Klausner and Gyözö Bagi. Planning, possible degrees of automation and critical parameters in the design of a production line were demonstrated via the app.

Maximilian Laska summarised the benefits very succinctly in his introductory remarks: More output. More hygiene. More safety. Fewer costs. More output. More hygiene. More safety. Fewer costs.

While automation has long played an indispensable role in the production chain in industries such as beverages and dairy, with completely closed processes ensuring maximum hygiene and quality, the meat industry still has a long way to go in this respect. With an eye on the growing needs and demands of consumers, LASKA has devoted a lot of expertise and innovative ideas to the further development of production lines in recent years and is now in a position to offer its customers solutions that are well beyond their infancy.

The complete automation of process sequences or the precise adaptation of the concept to the needs of the customer allow production lines to make more efficient use of resources, coupled with a reduction in costs for energy, materials and logistics. The highly sophisticated control technology of Laska production lines boosts productivity and ensures consistently high product quality. From assembly through set-up to commissioning, the complete development of LASKA production lines is undertaken in the 2,000 m2 Line Competence Centre. Here the customer is able to witness the entire process at first hand and can elaborate a perfectly adapted solution with the specialists from LASKA.

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Example project from practice

One of these perfectly coordinated solutions was presented in greater detail during the presentation. The production line for one of the largest sausage manufacturers in the U.K., which was jointly implemented with our representative Multivac U.K., is a practical representation of the many benefits of automation with Laska:

– Intuitive control via touchscreen, with visualisation of the entire production line on the screen

– Automated fault management

– Monitored filling levels and recipe management

– Automatic safety monitoring with recommendations for action

– Complete traceability of production via barcode technology

The new Laska production line has made it possible for the customer to increase their output by 40%, from 70 to 80 tonnes per working day over three shifts to 120 tonnes per day over two shifts, which has significantly reduced labour costs. Fewer manual interventions and reduced duplicate handling has resulted in increased efficiency and less susceptibility to errors. The improved traceability of production and simplified testing procedures now ensure consistently high quality.