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News 7 29 2019 innovative losungen rework prozesse

Vacuum Supercutter Plus KUX 500 VK.AC

Rework: for a resource-efficient and sustainable business model.

Rework processes are now an essential element of the food industry. Doing business sustainably while continuing to meet ever-increasing quality standards is the challenge currently faced by confectioners and chocolate makers. Rework plays a key role when it comes to conserving resources.

With machines and tailored solutions from Laska, it is possible to enhance production processes so that factory seconds can be refined in a hygienic way without the risk of foreign matter contamination. When Laska engineers modified a vacuum cooking bowl cutter for a client from the confectionery industry, for example, they ensured that factory seconds generated during the manufacture of chocolate products containing caramel could flow back into the manufacturing process as fully-fledged components. The Supercutter Plus KUX 500 VK.AC Vacuum is used to crush, dehumidify and liquefy the material. In the course of a few steps, factory seconds are prepared for reprocessing in shortest time.

After additives are mixed in, the process sequence is fully automated. The mass is then heated in a vacuum, chopped again, cooked and dehydrated. The final process step then sees the prepared mass cooled to the optimum storage temperature and removed, with the empty bowl then being prepared for the next rework process.

The sophisticated machine concept of the Laska cutter was individually tailored to the needs of the client and perfectly integrated into the surrounding production sequence. Innovative heating, cooling and cleaning solutions from Laska enable the generation of a top-quality, highly refined reprocessing product within an extremely short period. Feeding the rework back into the production process has helped reduce the client’s warehouse and transport logistics costs. And of course, all costs relating to the proper disposal of factory seconds have been eliminated.

Beyond the immediate benefits of the efficient use of resources, such as the reduction of energy, material and logistics costs, additional aspects such as corporate sustainability, preventing food waste and reducing CO2 emissions through reduced transport routes can also deliver a significant image boost for companies and products alike.

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Das ausgereifte Maschinenkonzept des Laska Kutters wurde individuell auf die Bedürfnisse des Kunden zugeschnitten und perfekt in den restlichen Produktionsablauf integriert. Die innovativen Lösungen von Laska zur Erhitzung, Abkühlung und Reinigung ermöglichen ein Weiterverarbeitungsprodukt von höchster Qualität und Feinheit in minimaler Verarbeitungszeit. Die Rückführung des Rework in den Herstellungsprozess reduzierte Kosten in der Lager- und Transportlogistik des Kunden. Kosten für die fachgerechte Entsorgung des Bruchmaterial entfallen seither zur Gänze.Neben den unmittelbaren Vorteilen einer effizienten Nutzung von Ressourcen, wie etwa Kostensenkung bei Energie, Material und Logistik können nachhaltiges Wirtschaften, Vermeidung von Lebensmittelabfällen und Senkung von CO2 Emissionen durch weniger Transportwege auch wesentlich zur Imageverbesserung eines Unternehmens und Produktes beitragen.

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