Fast return of investment of LASKA production lines.

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Maximise profits through efficiency.

The reason that speaks for a capital expenditure is the future benefit you will get out of it. We at LASKA want to provide solutions that maximise the benefits for our customers. Our recently completed and past projects have shown how quickly investing in a LASKA production line installation pays off – at quite an impressive speed, actually. After all, efficient technology and a high degree of automation mean significantly reduced costs alongside increased quality and output. That is how LASKA production lines ensure a ROI in a shorter amount of time and thus high profitability. This builds long-term competitiveness for the companies that trust in our solutions, i.e. provides the competitive edge and paves the path to above-average profitability.

Is your investment paying off? Calculating ROI with the help of a hands-on example.

Instead of continuing to make use of individual machines, one of our Russian customers decided to have LASKA install an Excellence Line production line. Compared to the solution involving separate machines, 350,000 euros in additional one-off costs were incurred. The production line led to a cost reduction of 5 cents per kilo in the production of mixed minced meat, which amounted to 400,000 euros in annual savings for a production volume of 8,000 tonnes per year – from increased efficiency alone. In addition, the equivalent of one full-time employee could be saved in personnel cost. The overall savings thus amounted to roughly 420,000 euros per year. The capital expenditure for the LASKA production line paid for itself after a little more than 10 months, with profitability increasing ever since. That in turn leaves room for new capital investment in expansion and growth projects.

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Your investment is paying off!

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