ADC nail in bronze for LASKA

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The Art Directors Club (ADC) Germany sets the annual benchmark for excellent creative work in the German-speaking world at the ADC Award Show in Hamburg. Over 9,300 submissions were evaluated by 30 ADC juries this year and 274 submissions ultimately received awards.

The LASKA manifesto: A classic chronicle for the 140th anniversary did not suit the brand. This is how the idea of the manifesto came about. Five values that have always made up the company's DNA became the work order for artists from Upper Austria. Award-winning chef Philip Rachinger, photographer Jürgen Grünwald, philosopher Robert Pfaller and filmmaker Siegfried A. Fruhauf each created a creation exclusively for LASKA.

The collected works were packaged in a cross-media manifesto and artfully convey what makes a hidden champion: curiosity, courage, determination, dedication and obsession. The exceptional nature of the work has now been confirmed by ADC Germany.

Many thanks for the great work and congratulations to our creative agency Fredmansky!

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