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Streamlining many stages into one.
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LASKA line competence

LASKA is your partner of choice if you aim to automate to optimise. LASKA production lines improve quality and increase output while cutting costs – thanks to years and years of experience and the professionalism you expect.

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Higher output.
Smaller burden.

The high degree of automation and the efficient technology cut costs dramatically while improving quality and output. LASKA production lines automate at ultimate speeds to supply high profitability.

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Maximum hygiene.
Top-rate product quality.

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Competent support by staff with experience & line know-how
Production Line A7
Advice and planning of customised solutions
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Smart digitalisation of production processes
Line automation in three different expansion stages
Laska PL Foerderband
Original LASKA conveyor technology according to EHEDG Hygiene Guidelines
Hygienic Siegel
World's first HDW certification of a complete system (WWR 200)

Modular design.
Very easy to operate.

LASKA production lines are modular. Individual units can be added bit by bit. This saves costs and supports continuous growth.

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Reference projects

Come see reference projects with us.

Laska Content Production Line 144 Greisinger
Sausage meat
Output: 12 t/h
Laska Highlight Produktionslinien LE CO
Bratwurst/cured sausage
Output: 4 t/h
Laska Content Production Line Yantai Longda
Cooked sausage
Output: 2.5 t/h
Laska Anlage2 Dunkel s RGB
Barbecue sausage
Output: 12 t/h
PL324 Walkers V2 2
Bratwurst 1
Output: 8 t/h
PL324 Walkers V1 2
Bratwurst 2
Output: 8 t/h
PL324 Walkers V3 2
Bratwurst 3
Output: 8 t/h
Laska Content Production Line 297 Souchon
Cured sausage
Output: 4,5 t/h
Laska Content Production Line 134 Noel
Cured sausage 2
Output: 6 t/h
Laska Content Production Line 113 Burger
Minced meat for dumpling stuffing
Output: 7 t/h
Laska Content Production Line 234 Cherkizovo
Soy salami
Output: 3 t/h
Laska Highlight Produktionslinien LE CO
Cooked sausage
Output: 5 t/h
Laska Highlight Produktionslinien 1200x900 05 Walkers
Cooked sausage
Output: 8,8 t/h
Laska Highlight Produktionslinien Spar
Minced meat
Output: 2 t/h

At LASKA, we untiringly pursue improvement and are always thinking ahead. All products prove it: built for tomorrow, today. This is precisely why our customers all over the world are a cut above the competition. And that's a promise.

LASKA Automated Production Lines

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